With the proliferation of channels, the evolution of marketing tech, the velocity required to reach audiences and the focus on marketing efficiency:
The status quo isn’t an option.

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Being Canada’s leading creative production studio comes with a high bar for excellence, innovation, and velocity.

For the last 50 years, M&H is proud to have countered any production challenge with a dedication to the details, an eye for efficiency and a passion for perfection. Many of the top brands and advertising agencies across Canada rely on us to assist with tireless production support.

Whatever arises during your production calendar, M&H will earn your trust as a reliable partner, staying by your side until your project is a resounding success.

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Integrated Management

DAM management (Digital Asset Manager) Planning Cost assessment Resource delegation

Design and Creation

Digital design Mockup scenario Application/norm-guide management Graphic design Creative iterations per distribution channel Packaging


Banners, rich media and newsletters DCO Web development and landing page Automation

Graphic Production

Creative and technical retouching Hi-res display production

Image Retouching

Creative and technical retouching Colour correction Special effects

Motion Design

2D and 3D animation Audiovisual post-production HTML development

Video Production

Post-production Video editing Off-camera voiceover

Language Services

Copywriting (long and short texts) SEO optimization Translation/transcreation Proofreading

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We work overtime to assist in every aspect of creative production, ensuring flexibility, velocity, and cutting-edge innovation. From cost assessment to resource delegation, from graphic design to technical retouching, and 3D animation to SEO optimization, M&H provides reliable outside support to agencies and brands looking to navigate their production schedules smoothly and successfully. When it comes to the wide spectrum of creative production, M&H does it all.

Thank You to Our Clients

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Jean-Philippe Samson
Business Development
87, rue Prince, bureau 310,
Montréal (Québec) H3C 2M7


Dave Nourse
Vice President of Growth
333 Adelaide St W
Toronto (Ontario) M5V 2G5

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